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The Daily Nosh - I Samuel 1:27-28

The Daily Nosh - I Samuel 1:27-28(Hannah, speaking about her son Samuel to Eli, the High Priest.) “For this boy I prayed, and Adonai (the Lord) granted me my petition that I asked of Him. So I in turn dedicate him to Adonai – as long as he lives he is dedicated to Adonai.” Then he (Eli) bowed in worship there before Adonai. (TLV) I Samuel 1:27-28 Nosh: Samuel’s parents set him on a course of lifelong service to God at birth. Indeed, Samuel did not rebel against that calling but served God his entire life. Scripture teaches us it is God’s design that through the ministry of parents, righteousness is passed from generation to generation. As illustrated here, God has given parents the authority to pray and speak holy direction into their children’s lives, especially at birth and in their early most impressionable years. Parents have a responsibility to use that God-given authority for the good of their children as long as they live.