Our Purpose

International Messianic Jewish Alliance

Our Purpose

Foster a spirit of fellowship and cooperation among all Messianic Jewish all over the world.
Establish local Alliances in all the countries where possible.

Watch and protect the spiritual development and the general wellbeing of the believers, motivating them to be witnesses of the Messiah among the house of Israel.
Present a testimony united around the Messiah, not only before the Jewish People, but before whole world.
Interpret the spirit of Jewish People to the Christian world and vice versa.
Identify with the Jewish People in defense of their rights in whichever country where they would be neglected, and whenever necessary protest against any expression of antisemitism.

About Us

The IMJA serves as an “umbrella” for Messianic Jewish national alliances around the world. The International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA) was founded in 1925.