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The Daily Nosh - Numbers 1:1-2, 19

The Daily Nosh - Numbers 1:1-2, 19In the wilderness of Sinai, on the first day of the second month in the second year from the exodus from the Land of Egypt, Adonai (the Lord) spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting saying, “Do a head count of all the community of Bnei-Israel (the sons of Israel) by their families and their ancestral house, with a total of every male one by one.” Moses numbered Israel in the wilderness of Sinai just as Adonai had commanded them. (TLV) Numbers 1:1-2, 19 Nosh: Notice that no credit is given to Moses for hearing from God. Divine credit is given only for acting on and fulfilling God’s instruction. Hearing God’s voice, seeing heavenly visions, proclaiming great prophecies, or even performing the miraculous does not make one spiritual. Humble and faithful obedience to God and His Word is what builds and reveals true spirituality.