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The Daily Nosh - I Samuel 2:9-10

The Daily Nosh - I Samuel 2:9-10He guards the steps of His godly ones, but the wicked are silenced in darkness. For one does not prevail by might. Those who oppose Adonai (the Lord) will be shattered. He thunders against them in heaven. He judges the ends of the earth. He gives strength to His king, exalting the horn of His anointed one. (TLV) I Samuel 2:9-10 Nosh: It may appear that the power to rule is under the control of the powerful, whereas, in fact there is a God in heaven who has the ultimate and final authority over all matters and outcomes and to whom all – great and small – are accountable. This truth and the perspective it brings never fails to bring me hope, comfort, and encouragement in difficult circumstances.