The IMJA has 18 Affiliate Alliances on six continents, the oldest of which, the British Messianic Jewish Alliance, was founded in 1866. Meet them all on the Affiliate Alliance page.

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The IMJA is a main resource for Messianic Jewish scholarly reports. Visit Articles and Papers, or Newsletters. The History Project, in progress, is the PDF file repository for all of the IMJA’s journals dating back to our charter year in 1925. Includes the Centenary Report of the British Messianic Jewish Alliance.

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Welcome to the IMJA


Welcome to imja.org and the International Messianic Jewish Alliance. I’m excited that you’ve clicked on this website. I ask you to take a few minutes to surf the website, download an audio or video message and just get excited with me about what God is doing among our Jewish people throughout the world.

What is Messianic Judaism


Some things are easy to define and some are not. An automobile? A computer chip? A cookie? Not too tough. But how about the idea of “first love?”  Before answering too glibly, allow your mind to wander back to the fifth grade. Remember the first girl who ever captured your heart.

IMJA History Project


Formed in 1925, the International Hebrew Christian Alliance (IHCA) gave identity to the worldwide Messianic movement. In 1997, the IHCA was renamed the International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA).